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Precast by Design: Custom Concrete Fabrication

We’ve been manufacturing precast concrete products for general contractors in the Pacific Northwest since 1992. Architectural and structural examples are a part of many of the prominent structures in the area, you most likely have seen our products without knowing who the manufacturer was.

With the advent of many new concrete materials and admixtures, the market has expanded to include far more color, shape, strength, and finish possibilities. Grinding and polishing is becoming a highly desired option for countertops, stairs, and panels. Inclusion of glass, colored stone, and machined metal logos adds to the possibilities that have not been readily available.

Your Ideas Will Come Alive With

 Precast By Design


Royal Crete

 Beautiful Custom Countertops

Royal Crete offers innovative products crafted from hand picked recycled composites and natural aggregates fused to create a customizable, durable, and dependable surface. Our products are used in numerous applications from flooring, wall panels, but most commonly as counter and table tops. Each Royal Crete product is built to order using our custom product building interface giving you full control over the contents, dimensions, and all other aspects of your purchase.